Thursday, August 28, 2014

Welcome to Precision Machining


Kingswood Regional High School provides as safe learning community in which all students and educators work together to preserve our past and shape our future as we reach for personal success.  Kingswood Regional High School is committed to an equitable and flexible learning environment where students and educators learn to:
  • Develop academically as inquisitive, critical, independent and cooperative learners.
  • Develop respect for ourselves and others.
  • Embrace the challenges and responsibilities of participating in a democratic society.
  • Nurture individual talents and abilities.
Course Description:
The care and safe use of common hand tools and machines are stressed in the planning, forming and fabrication of metal projects.  These skills are used to develop an understanding of the materials used and the role played in the metals trade in today's technical world.  This is a hands-on course and projects can be fabricated from band steel, sheet steel, tubing or sheet metal as well as cold rolled steel and aluminum block.  The students will learn the safe and correct use of the drill press, power saws, the grinder, tube bender, and all the various sheet metal forming tools.  In addition, the student will learn how to spot weld, oxyacetylene weld, arc (electric) weld, mig weld, and use a Plasma Cutter.   Students will be allowed to fabricate projects of their own choosing after completing one required project.  The students will also learn how to do CAD drawings so they can use a CNC Engraving Machine and a CNC plasma-cutting machine.  Emphasis will be placed on accuracy and the ability to construct a project according to plan. 

Course Materials:
3 ring binder with lined paper and dividers
Pen and pencil
Safety glasses (first pair provided)

Student Responsibilities:
Attendance and promptness is extremely in all courses.  Class participation, developing a safe and respectful environment and learning the skills of a technology lab are all important elements of our classroom community.  It is your responsibility to contact me and arrange make-up work for any absence.  Safety is of the utmost importance.  Students must dress appropriately for work with the shop equipment, including proper shoes.  Hair must be short or tied back and safety glasses must be worn at all times in the shop.

Grading Policy:
20%        Class Participation
30%        Tests
30%        Projects
20%        Lab Work

Course Outline and Key Learning Events:

Unit 1 - Introduction to Machining
Unit 2 - Measurements, Material and Safety
Unit 3 - Job Planning, Benchwork and Layout
Unit 4 - Drill Press
Unit 5 - Turning
Unit 6 - Milling
Unit 7 - Grinding
Unit 8 - Computer Numerical Control

Course Goals:
Students will learn how to:
  • Follow proper safety procedures
  • Read and properly use inspections tools
  • Create and read blueprints
  • Use a drill press safely and efficiently
  • Put a tool on center and turn a project to the dimensions of a blueprint
  • Program a basic CNC lathe and milling machine